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Come Care With Us                                                             Be The Difference


In The Life Of                                                                       Someone Else!

Job Opportunities

Night Shift

Work Hard

 Play Harder

Work for a company that is relaxed and family oriented. We believe in showing our appreciation to our Care Family with:

  • Employee of the Month 

  • Holiday Parties

  • Birthday Recognition

  • Open door policy

  • What's App Group Chat

  • 24-hour access to mgmt.

  • Level of Care pay increases

  • Benefits start day of hire

  • In-Office Job Training

  • Online CEU's for the year

  • Transportation assistance

  • Referral Bonuses

A wonderful family atmosphere to work in and be a member of the Care Family

Become A part of EHC

Join Our Care Family

Pay & Bonus

Level of Care Pay

Level of care is determined by whether the client is Mobile, Cognitive or Continent (is unaware of the urge) of bowel and bladder.

Level 1 -

Client has no deficits - Paid at Base Pay (BP)

Level 2 -

Client has one deficit - Paid at Base Pay (BP)

Level 3 -

Client has two deficits - Paid $2 more + BP

Level 4 -

Client has three deficits - Paid $3 more + BP

Referral Bonus

We are an industry that thrives on word-of-mouth referrals. What better word of mouth than the word of one of our Care Family members.

So, if in your everyday life you meet or know someone who needs home care for any the many reasons, we offer home care and you send them to EHC, we will pay you a referral bonus and it works like this:

Referral becomes a client, and you are the one to care for the client. You will receive $3 for every hour the client schedules.

Referral becomes a client, but you are not the one to care for the client. You will recieve $1 for every hour the client schedules.

Your wage could look like this for example:


Base Pay                         $18/hr 

Referral w/care            $3/hr

(Level 3)                          $3/hr


Total Pay for referral $24/hr

Enlightenment Home Care

Where Our Clients are Treated like Family


Our Caregivers Are Family

Old and Young Women

Day Shift 

Need To Be Home for the Kids 

Here at Enlightenment Home Care (EHC) We not only care about our clients, but we care for our caregivers.


We Believe in Work - Life balance. We offer flexible scheduling that you create yourself.


Just tell us what hours you are available, and we will assign clients that fit your schedule.

Life happens, just keep us updated to any changes to your availability.

Join Us Today!

Evening Shift

Our Care Family is Important 

At EHC we strive to give the best care to all our clients and help our care family when in need.


We offer open visits to any caregiver that would like additional or overtime hours on a first come first serve basis.

We insist that you never feel guilty about saying NO.  

We continuously preach the importance of SELF CARE.

You must take care of yourself so do not feel obligated to take on more than you can handle.

Be a Part of Our Team!

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