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Songaya Gay

Member Spotlight - Enlightenment Home Care

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I am Songaya Gay, Owner and Founder of Enlightenment Home Care. I grew up in California's Bay Area before relocating to the state of Washington to raise my two wonderful sons. Where I met and married my husband George, who is a Chemical Dependency Professional.

I started nursing school back in 1999 with my older sister. We took it step by step together all the way. It was a long journey as a single mother working full time raising my two children as well as being a foster parent to many children in need for seven years.

I graduated in 2007, it was a proud day. As a nurse I have the the oppourtunity to work in many different specialized areas such as, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, Hospice, secure Dementia units, Postpartum, NICU level I & II, Corrections at maximum security prisons, Primary Care, Inpatient Psychiatric units and Residential Mental Health for Veterans.

My husband, was always thinking of how we could start our own businness.  He wanted a business that would make difference in the community, a business that would be a benefit in the lives of others. One day he asked me what I thought about using my nursing experience to start our own business. I thought about it, but wasn't quite sold on the idea of owning my own business.

During all of my time nursing  I found the most joy when I was interacting with my patients on a one on one personal level. At a time where I was giving them my undivided attention. I was advocating for their needs, rejoicing with them on their good days, motivating them on their difficult days and just sitting quietly with them on those days when words are not the answer. I knew that this type of care was what I wanted to give to all of my patients.

However, I learned in my career it just wasn't possible without upsetting the higher ups. I needed a way where I could care for people the way I felt people should be cared for,  the way people appreciated, deserved and wanted my kind of care. It made me think about what my husband had previously asked me, "what about using my nursing experiences to start our own business" (Hmm).

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Our Story

Enlightenment Home Care was founded by a nurse of over 13 years and her husband who had been caring for the loved ones of others, as well as their own.

With the desire to focus on the specific needs of individuals and provide specialized care that cannot be streamlined into a 'one size fits all' model.


With the belief that every person deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.


Specialized care that enables people to receive care where they feel most comfortable - in their own home, in their own bed, and eating their own food.

Caregivers who provide care they would as if it were their mother, grandmother or any member of their family. The same care a person should expect for their loved one to receive from a caregiver.

Coupled with the understanding and appreciation of the type of care that people want, expect & deserve. There was a clarity of direction an, "Enlightenment", to be a cultural rejuvenation in the quality of care that is being delivered. This revision is a desperately increasing need, especially in our senior population, though everyone is worthy of this level of care.  

Enlightenment Home Care was born. Offering a vast array of services to fit the individualized needs of every client. Hiring only professional, compassionate, well trained caregivers that will offer the care from which Enlightenment Home Care was made.


Knowing there is nothing more important than client satisfaction. We take pride in the care we offer as well as the care we give. With our family friendly office we encourage feedback so that we can improve our services maintaining our client first outcome of care.

Call Now Let Us Care For You

Enlightenment Home Care LLC

Helping To Maintain Your Independence 

Where Every Client Is Like Family.

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