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About Us

There is no age limit to the benefits of Home Care.

Every person is unique - Your care should be too

Enlightenment Home Care LLC was founded by a nurse with over 17 years of experience caring for peoples' beloved family members. Songaya "Sonnie" Gay wanted to focus more on the individual, recognizing that a person's care can't be streamlined into a, "one size fits all", model. She felt people deserved to experience care in the comfort of their own home, with the understanding and appreciation that each person's needs are unique and worthy of attention.

Sonnie felt a clarity of direction - an "Enlightenment" - she needed to shake up the home care industry and provide the quality care that people were often missing. Her husband George suggested she follow that drive by creating her own company, with personalized care at its heart.


Thus Enlightenment Home Care was born, offering a vast array of services to fit the individualized needs of every client. We take pride in the services we offer as well as the care we provide and it's our mission to make sure every client receives the care they deserve, regardless of their age or situation.



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